For over 40 years we have been in the horse business. All this time as a professional horseman, we have been in search of some way to help relieve the stress and inflammation from the work and training. We have researched and tested many products such as willow bark, tumeric, allum, all to help with any and all inflammation of joints and tendons. Throughout the years, we have tried to feed flax as a protein supplement, however, it is not easy to feed. The natural defences of the seeds outer shell prevents it from breaking down in the stomach. You only end up with very minimal digestible nutrients when the seed is whole. To make the seed compatible for digestion, it must be hand ground with something like a coffee grinder, which is highly ineffective for a group of horses. When we discovered that cold pressed flax oil was an anti-inflammatory, we thought we had found our solution!

To try our theory, we bought a hard worked and retired race horse just before he went to the kill plant for meat. This thoroughbred horse’s name is Whistle Cat. He had ran 32 races and had won over $40,000. He had worked so hard he had arthritis in all 4 ankles and bone chips in one knee. We put him on our Equi-Boost Oil (cold-pressed flax oil) and it over a month for him to be able to gallop without limping. Then he started to train like a young horse again. To make a long story short, Whistle Cat raced again the summer of 2017 at Emerald Downs near Seattle. It took 4 months without any flax oil before his old ailments became an issue for him again. He is now home and on the oil again looking at a future as a show jumper. The foals we raise and have been on the flax have never bigger or better or nicer and we contribute it all to the Omega 3s in the flax oil.

We now have our own cold press machine and are making our own oil and feed flax flakes. All this exposure to the flax oil and Omega 3s, I noticed my hands had become very soft, and all my scars and age spots had all but disappeared completely. This led me to research lotions, skin creams, and balms and discovered that the products commonly used to make these products have no health value to them at all! Beef tallow, corn oil, soy oil, and numerous nut oils are very high in saturated fats with only trace amounts or no omega 3’s!  

Therein lies the reason for this venture. The science is readily available and even a quick search online proves the benefits of omega 3’s in multiple systems of the human body! So, we have developed 10 different products with a base of flax oil and have started this company Omega 3’s Skin Care.