Stop Moisturizing and Start Lubricating!

Stop Moisturizing and Start Lubricating!

Glenda Patton

While watching television the other evening I noticed a skin care product commercial that had some misinformation.  For a moisturizer this product used shea butter, coconut oil and another oil high in saturated fat.  There is no water in these ingredients so without water there is no moisture.  Yet, you are supposed to believe that these hard, wax-type butters and heavy oils will moisturize and are good for your skin.

Anyone who has had their hands in water for an extended period of time is familiar with the wrinkling effect of waterlogged skin.  A quick fix is to dry your hands and wait a short period of time.  If there was harsh chemicals in the water, those chemicals would not break down the moisture in the skin but would break down the natural oils in the skin.

We need to stop thinking of moisturizing as a fix for skin.  Your skin can be totally waterlogged (moisturized) but will quickly dry out once the water is allowed to evaporate.  The only way to soft skin is to re-lubricate.  Our skin is a barrier to keep water in and to keep water out.  A fingerprint is not made of water - it is made from oil.  Our body naturally releases oil slowly to keep our skin pliable.  If our body naturally released water to keep skin pliable we would quickly become dehydrated. 

A light oil that penetrates to the bottom layers of the skin to help keep skin soft and pliable is what skin needs and flaxseed oil does just that.  While 'moisturizing' is not bad for your skin, it quickly evaporates.  We need to re-lubricate our skin with a light oil that penetrates quickly and deeply.

C. Patton